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The fourth installment of the eight-part video series on the making of Aerosmith‘s upcoming album, Music from Another Dimension!, has debuted online.  The three-minute segment focuses entirely on how the band’s rocking new song “Street Jesus” came together.

The clip kicks off with guitarist Brad Whitford explaining that he had the basic rhythm for the tune in his “back pocket” for a long time.  Steven Tyler then shares how the melody and structure of the song began to take shape.

“Brad was f**king around on the guitar, and I started playing this thing [on piano] and Brad played a thing,” he explains.  Tyler soon began humming a bluesy vocal part he says “just sat with [the music] really good.”

Adds Whitford, “We started messing around with that and put the two parts together and that was it — it was a done deal.  There was the tune.”

After some footage of Tyler working on some vocal harmonies in the studio, the singer then explains how he put together the lyrics.

He reveals that he initially had been singing “Sweet Jesus,” but changed it after noticing a man on the street who resembled Jesus while he was on his way to the recording studio.

“When I would come to work every day…I’d go across Fairfax [Ave.] and there’d be a guy walking that looked like Jesus,” he recalls.  “So, when that idea came up, it was easy to write about somebody, ’cause I’d already seen him and met him.”

The webisodes can be viewed on the band’s sites AeroForceOne.com and Aerosmith.com, as well as on the group’s Facebook page and Columbia Records’ Vimeo pageMusic from Another Dimension! hits stores on November 6.

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Episode 4 from Columbia Records on Vimeo.


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