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If Whitney Houston hadn’t tragically passed away in February, what would she be doing now?  According to her former manager and sister-in-law, a lot — including touring.

Pat Houston, who now appears in the new Lifetime docu-series The Houstons: On Our Own, tells ABC News Radio that, had she lived, Whitney would have had something special in store for fans.  “Whitney loved her fans and you know, we hadn’t done anything [live] in America for a quite some time,” explains Pat.  “We were actually discussing, in California [before her death], doing a mini-tour….unplugged.  You know, just her on stage with, maybe four musicians, for the fans in America.”

And that’s not all.  Pat says that Whitney had a lot of projects coming up after Sparkle, her final movie, which was released in August.  “There were movie projects on the table that she would have executive produced,” says Pat.  “She wanted to do the Judy Garland story, If I Could Go on Singing…that was actually in the works.  So, she was on the move.”

According to Pat, all these plans represented Whitney striking out on her own, creatively.  “There was a continuation of doing things in her career but doing it her way, because she’d been in the industry for such a very, very long time with a lot of people telling her what she should or should not be doing,” explains Pat.  “She was finally doing projects that she wanted to do, and it started with Sparkle.”

But what about Whitney’s music?  Asked if there are more Whitney unreleased tracks, or other music projects planned for release in the future, Pat says yes, but details are sketchy. 

“Music, we are still playing around with,” she tells ABC News Radio.  “You know, [record executive] Clive Davis, he’s one that never gives up.  This man has been an incredible, incredible mentor for Whitney for many, many years.  So, there are many projects relative to music on the table that we will be dealing with, yes.”

Meanwhile, fans have I Will Always Love You: The Best of Whitney Houston to look forward to.  This hits collection will be in stores November 13.  A snippet of the album’s one new song, “Never Give Up,” has already appeared online.

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