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Elton John‘s just as much of a diva as any female pop star, so it’s no surprise that he’d have some outrageous demands while on tour, but this is ridiculous.  While on tour in Brazil, The Rocket Man reportedly demanded an entire hotel room…just for his eyeglasses.

The Brazilian paper Pampuhla reports that Elton, currently touring South America, requested an extra room just for his collection of glasses.  In addition, he asked that his room be kept at a constant temperature of 61 degrees.  But that wasn’t his only request.

According to the paper, Elton’s concert rider — or list of demands — states that he must be transported from the airport to the hotel in a Mercedes S Class, model 500 or 600, a BMW Series 7 or an Audi 8.  His dressing room must feature two areas: one for entertaining, with room for ten people, and one private.  Both should be decorated in white, gray or blue, and there is to be no leather furniture.  Access to a sports satellite or cable channel is also key.

Elton loves flowers and greenery and he has very specific requirements for those as well.  His rider demands four potted palm trees no more than two meters in height, and three other plants, not to exceed one meter in height.  Just make sure they’re not plastic: that’s forbidden. 

As for the flowers, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer requests “a large vase with assorted flowers,” but chrysanthemums, daisies, lilies and carnations are not allowed.  In addition, five square vases with red and white roses are also requested, with the leaves taken off the stems.

Regarding Elton’s demands, the concert organizer told the paper, “In general, he isn’t that eccentric. They are reasonable requests. He is a very disciplined artist.”

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