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Kinks fans would love to see the band back together on tour, but the historically contentious relationship between the group’s founding brothers, Ray and Dave Davies, has made a reunion highly improbable.  However, in recent separate interviews, both leave open the possibility of a new Kinks trek.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Dave has a few choice words for his brother, including some four-letter ones, while noting that the chances of the band re-forming for a 50th anniversary tour next year “are 50/50.”  He adds, “The ball is very much in Ray’s court.”

The guitar legend reveals that he and Ray met three times during the summer to discuss a potential trek, with mixed results.

“The first two meetings were great,” he explains.  “We talked about the old days and maybe doing something next year.  I thought to myself, ‘Oh s**t, maybe we could actually do something before we fall down dead.'”

However, Dave reports that things turned sour shortly before he headed to the U.S. for his first solo tour since suffering a debilitating stroke in 2004.

“We had tea right before I came over to America, and he was so negative, grumpy and just mean,” he laments.  “It was like he fell into a black hole.”  Dave surmises that his brother’s change of mood was a reaction the guitarist’s solo touring plans. “I think it’s because I’m happy and I was doing something without his approval…He’s a really troubled man.”

Meanwhile, Ray confirms to U.K. magazine Uncut that he met with Dave and the guitarist “mentioned the idea of doing a tour.”  But, Ray says, it’s Dave who has repeatedly said such a tour would never happen.

On the positive side, Ray calls Dave “a great player” and admits that when he writes a song he thinks about “how it could be improved by having him on it, and what his power chords would bring to it.”

Regarding a reunion trek, Ray tells Uncut, “I don’t know what next year will bring.  Let’s see if [Dave’s] polite to me the next time we meet.”

Even if the Davies brothers can put aside their differences, Dave tells Rolling Stone that he wouldn’t want to record a new Kinks album.

“I can’t face the concept of days and days in the studio with Ray,” he says.  “That said, I really do want to do something with Ray before we both decay and decompose.”

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